Eye magazine 16: Poynor talks to Katherine McCoy

After Cranbrook: Katherine McCoy on the way ahead (1995)

The following is an excerpt from an enlightening exchange between Rock Poynor and Katherine McCoy. Originally dating to 1995, the issues and topics they discuss are still relevant today. From the thorough interview, McCoy’s reply to the question of design transformation stands out. 

RP: Graphic design is in a time of real transition. How are things going to change for graphic designers in the next few years?

I think the process of professionalisation is continuing […] The educational level of our schools is improving. Many graduates are coming out of graphic design programmes with something closer to a true education these days. On the other hand, the refusal to consider accreditation and educational standards is a big threat in the US. Every other design field has these, but not graphic design. I hope that will change as the older generation, which feels it would stifle creativity, moves out of the picture.
— Katherine McCoy. Eye no. 16 vol. 4, 1995