the value of voluntary standards

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Over the past year, many people have asked, commented and argued that any form of voluntary design certification would have no use, benefit or relevance, that designers are not interested in standards and parameters that are not imposed by law or required for their job. The repeating statement has been: “if it's not mandatory, then why do it?” I have not wavered in my belief that a voluntary, self-motivated and transparent system of standards can aid in strengthening our industry and pushing for a deeper understanding of the value of professional designers. To heighten relationship between designers and our client and the emphasize the significance of design thinking over design software.

I want to present B Corporations as a tangible example of unified individuals working to further a higher commitment with business and the general public. Corporation spaning 24 countries and more than 60 industries have united with one common goal:

to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems [and] meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

If there is doubt of the viability of promoting standards, not for individual profit or gain, but for the benefit of the whole communications design industry, these 600+ corporations can guide us and become a paragon for the change possible through independent and collective action.

Learn about the real value of a B Corporation.

certifyD grows on LinkedIn

Some time has passed from my latest post. I must admit I needed a break after finishing my graduate thesis and studies. The holidays came as the perfect space for peace, relaxation and some personal family time. It came as a surprise to discover that CertifyD had remained busy without my involvement. After a great full-length article and review on IMPRINT by Ellen Shapiro, things kept moving along. I received many direct emails, messages and feedback during the holiday break. Designers from the USA, Europe, Latin America and even a fellow designer from Nigeria shared their input and personal experiences with clients, peers and the industry in general. The topic of certification, as I had found out during my thesis research, is alive and universal.

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A forum started in the AIGA LinkedIn forum by designer Sal Randazzo kept the dialogue going, and the vivid responses did not hold anything back. Not surprisingly, opinions where as varied and polarizing as before. The energy and passion that every person spoke with was refreshing and humbling. I wish this conversation to grow and would love to hear your opinion: