final touches


Organizing this symposium is hard work. By nature, most people don’t like to bother others. I am no different. During the past month I have called, emailed and talked to more than 30 design industry professionals, inviting them to participate in the event in one way or another. Some attempts have been successful, other not so much.

Every ounce of energy has been injected into building a panel that combines positions in favor and against certification. The objective is to provide YOU with diverse perspectives and ideas that can help formulate your opinion.

Here are some final sketch and concept work before launching the event promotion. Keep watching closely, the panel will be extremely dynamic.

one topic, two sides

Playing with the duality of the certification dialogue

Here is a brief look at my ongoing attempt at branding the certifyD event. Conceptually, I have focused on the dynamic of the certification discussions of the past: two perspectives on the same issue. With this in mind, I am building a system that will play off this idea of polar opposites, but introducing a visual representation of a merging of those opinions into a unified common ground.

two by two by two…

Poster design

Below are some rough sketches for the soon to be released promotional poster. FInal panelists are being confirmed and I can attest that it will be a very energetic panel. I will keep you posted.